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What Are Multiliminals?

Multiliminals are downloadable audio sessions, designed to help you solve your problems quickly and effortlessly. They help you to get what you want in life.

 Nothing to learn
No need to remember
No homework

 Just take 15 to 25 minutes
and your amazing mind will do the rest.

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How Do Multiliminals Work?

  1. Decide what you want, pick a Multiliminal, download it and copy it to your device such as an iPhone, Android Smartphone, Tablet or other device.

  2. Put on headphones (or earbuds), push the play button and just follow along. Most Multiliminals are 15 to 25 minutes.

  3. Enjoy the benefits.

What Do You Get?

Freedom, better results and more happiness!

Freedom from whatever holds you back. Procrastination, self-esteem, anxiety, troubling relationships, bad habits, stress, weight, lack of skill, belief in yourself, poor health, obsessive thoughts, lack of focus, debt, low energy…

Freedom to be what you want, do what you want, have what you want. People from every walk of life have found success with Multiliminals.

From parents to professionals, entrepreneurs to office workers, students to researchers, musicians to tradesmen—there is a Multiliminals to support your goals in life.


I was surprised when my hubby said that it worked. I didn't realize that I completely forgot to smoke. Bedides that my smoking addiction is gone, it's also removed from my thinking. 

Joan Nicholson

Real Estate Agent


It works better than expected. In just 2 days my fears went completely away.


Thank you so much!

Isabella Sylvia


Fantastic! I listened to create wealth and I don't know how this works. But I do know that out of nowhere I suddenly and totally unexpected got an immense raise. Yesss! But... How's this possible?

Jack Williams
 IT Consultant

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